Thursday, December 17, 2009

Absolute Titanium Design

Welcome to Absolute Titanium Design, Designers & Producers of Original and Classic Designs.

Absolute Titanium Design has been a leading mark of innovation and quality in designing and crafting jewelry designs in Titanium, Black Titanium, Black Zirconium and other metals since 1997. As such, we belong with the first wave of Titanium jewelry enthusiasts.

Absolute Titanium Design is a Design oriented House, and carries the exclusive Maria da Costa Signature Line of original designs.
All Our Products are custom-made and hand crafted. We also welcome Custom Order Requests, create your own design ring. Choose a gem from our collection and have it set in one of our magnificent Tension Sitting Titanium Rings.

Treat yourself and your beloved one to a unique, elegant and only too often breath taking (as clients of ours wrote to us...) jewelry experience, created by a leading design house in advanced metals and diamond jewelry. Let their adorning artwork accompany you throughout your life-cycle events...

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  1. Great post, we all need to know importance of Titanium, we take things for granted when it is about titanium. Will be sharing it among my circle