Monday, December 21, 2009

Black Titanium Wedding Rings

Black titanium wedding ring
In the domains of fashion and jewelry black has always been considered the color of elegance and enigma, which explains the growing popularity of black Titanium Wedding jewelry items: black Titanium rings, black Titanium bands and black Titanium engagement rings, as well as their "cousins" of black Zirconium jewelry items: black Zirconium rings, black Zirconium bands and black Zirconium engagement rings.

It is a curious fact, however, that black jewelry is not readily available. While it is true that jewelers have created rings even in black gemstones such as Hematite and Onyx (as in Absolute Design Studios’ “Black Zone"), one has also to be aware that they may be quite fragile. Next to gemstones the next group of materials that are the foundations of the art of jewelry are, of course, precious metals. Other than some availabilities in black Gold (as in the above "Black zone") the crop is meager. In fact, it is non-existent.

Enter a new era in jewelry creation and its unexpected metallurgical possibilities. Such are the recent addition to the Pantheon of advanced metals, namely, black Titanium and black Zirconium metal (unlike Titanium, Zirconium is, at times, confused with crystals, such as Zirconia, Zircon, Zirconium and Cubic Zirconium, hence the immediate addition of the label "metal", as in Zirconium metal).

black titanium wedding bands Both alloys are hypo-allergenic, of light weight yet mighty enough to maintain their shape, round or otherwise, practically for good. Which explains also the use of, e.g., black Zirconium in weight bearing artificial joint implants.In a polish finish they offer a smooth, ceramic-like surface of little friction and high surface hardness, the approximate upwards of 9 on the Mohe scale (on which diamond scores 10).

When it comes to black advanced metal jewelry there is one supplier only that doesn't only offer both black Zirconium and black Titanium but, also, offers custom orders and custom design. It is the same Absolute Design Studios mentioned above (

Few are the sources that create in black Titanium as it is a proprietary process that is costly to develop and maintain, requires metallurgical knowledge and experience, and even carries inherent dangers when in the process of development and testing.

Absolute Studios have invested considerable resources in developing the black Titanium alloy and have developed the corresponding expertise required to manipulate it to custom design requirement, all proudly executed in North America.

The studios work closely with jewelry designer Maria da Costa, and the result is a stunning array of designs in both black Titanium and black Zirconium metal, amongst which the various tension settings stand out most. Designs such as " Black Tango" and " Black Doric" are truly breath taking in their simplicity, elegance and conjurer like magical gripping of the gemstone which appears to be suspended in midair...

Some of those designs, as well as the uniquely designed "Igloo Solitaire " in black Titanium and black Zirconium metal are available also through "Igloo Diamonds" accessible also through, in their tension setting pages.

If you love elegance & innovation and one off the beaten tread black Titanium is for you: black Titanium jewelry, black Titanium rings, black Titanium bands and black Titanium engagement rings, whether existing unique designs or custom designs, you may find both at Absolute Titanium Design.

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